A Stylish off-roader

Toyota Hilux-Hilly

The Toyota Hilux Hilly is a tough pickup with a stylish look. Due to unique mechanical and visual modifications, you can rely on the Hilly in any situation.

Take the Challenge

VW Amarok A.M.Y

The A.M.Y is a synthesis of perfect performance and functionality of an off-roader with creative design by Pickup Design. 

Tough and unique

Nissan Navara Navy

The Navy is a perfect vehicle for driving in the most demanding road conditions: hills, mud and sand. It is both tough and refined.

Intriguing and reliable

Merceds-Benz X-Class Exy

Extraordinary lines, reliability in any conditions, great performance, and a stylish look by Pickup Design: this is the essence of the Mercedes X-Class Exy.