Carlex Design Ltd and RVE International Ltd have combined to bring passion, vision and lifestyle to the automotive world.


New Zealand’s premier vehicle enhancement specialist, RVE International, has today announced a joint venture with European styling house, Carlex Design Ltd. 

Both companies specialise in enhancing the appearance of factory standard models by designing unique exterior styling kits and retrimming the interior to improve each vehicle beyond the mainstream offering. 

RVE CEO, Dave Stanners, says working with Carlex Design is like finding the twin brother you never knew you had. “The synergies between our two companies are immense, and this new relationship will strengthen our company’s offerings, both in the marketplace here and in Europe. 

“There is an increasing interest in the customisation of utes and as our offerings and those of Carlex Design sit at different price points in the market, it will give Australian and NZ consumers more choice when it comes to enhancing their new ute.”

RVE International Ltd are excited to announce that they the sole representative for Carlex Design Ltd (which includes the Pickup Design brand) across the whole of Australasia (including Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Samoa, New Caledonia, Fiji, Pacific Islands).

On the other side of strategic alliance... Carlex Design Ltd will be the sole representative for RVE International Ltd Central, Eastern & Southern Europe (including Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Benelux countries, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Baltic countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, UK & Ireland.)

Carlex Design Ltd CEO, Damian Skotnicki, says he “Co-operation with RVE, which has considerable experience in the automotive industry, is a milestone in the implementation of the predefined strategy for the Pickup Design brand. We can’t wait to take the unique and complementary offerings of RVE to the EU market place.”

RVE's International CEO, David Stanners, says "RVE & Carlex quickly recognized the advantages of working together and the opportunities for the complementing offerings are almost endless... There is an ever increasing surge in interest for customization of the utes & pickups... RVE and Carlex sit in different places on the value pyramid which will give our discerning clients more choice and opportunity to personalize and individualize their vehicles"

The Pickup Design range will be available via RVE and their dealership network, with availability and pricing expected in the second half of the year. 

RVE has built a first-class reputation in the New Zealand market for producing styling kits and interior enhancements for a range of vehicles, including the Ford Ranger XSV and Nissan Navara R-Sport. The new partnership will see Carlex Design represent these, and other RVE products, throughout Europe.


Exciting times indeed!


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